A Note from the Directors of Arts For Youth

Directors’ Statement

Research on the impact of the arts in education shows that those children who are exposed to, and work in the arts, are more creative, develop both critical and analytical thinking skills, learn to problem solve in a variety of ways, and have a highly developed imagination – all prized attributes for becoming “successful” adults in the larger world community. Albert Einstein once said that “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge” – if one believes this to be true, than what better gift can we give our children than that of immersion in a world of art, thus allowing their imaginations to soar, and their self-confidence to blossom. This is what the Arts for Youth summer camp purports to do – give your children a complete immersion in the world of the arts, guiding them in their journey, giving them the freedom to express their own creativity in a safe, supportive environment, and cultivating a sense of joy every step of the way!

We want your children to embrace the arts, and to fully realize their creative selves, and for parents and guardians to recognize the far reaching benefits of each child’s artistic endeavors. Art making involves risk-taking, and risk-taking goes hand in glove with a child’s growth emotionally, artistically, and socially. It is our hope that your children will “try it all” while at Arts for Youth, and feel good about themselves for every effort made! Eventually, your child will find his or her own “artistic” niche, but while young, let’s give our children the encouragement and freedom to explore all of the arts, and to celebrate that exploration with them. Indeed, that is the impetus for our final Arts Festival Day which serves to culminate each session – the art work that has been created needs and deserves to be honored and celebrated!

We sincerely hope that your children will enjoy their time spent at Arts for Youth, and that the artistic experiences they are given will leave them with a renewed sense of self-confidence and eagerness to continue to express their own creative ideas, opinions, and artistic visions.

- Lisa Troy and Jim Quinn