New Classes Coming to AfY Summer Camp This Year!

This page will give you a brief description of the NEW classes we will be offering this summer!

Creative Games in Action!

For those campers who love to “keep on moving”, this new class will do just that, through a combination of creative games, creative sports activities, and more! This class will focus on team building and fast creative thinking, as campers play games such as Human Worm, Jinx, Fish Bowl, Sling Jam, Family Feud, Sardines, Relay Races, go on Scavenger Hunts – all in the spirit of friendly, FUN competition.

“Broadway Kids” (Offered Period One)

This brand new performance class for campers ages 10-12 will give them the chance to participate in a mini Broadway-style musical production similar to the Arts for Teens program. Students will be given roles in an abridged version of an actual Broadway show, and learn songs, dances, and scenes which will culminate in a 20 minute performance, complete with costumes and props. There will be opportunities to perform selections in daily 12:30 Revues, in addition to the final performance on Artsfest Day!

“Project Runway” Design! (Offered Period Five)

This fun new art/sculpture design class has campers ages 9-12, working with a variety of materials to create original new looks for the fashion world.  Designs will be sketched, painted, collaged, and/or sculpted, and design journals provided to each camper! All you need in this class is a great imagination as you design the next popular “look” to be worn by young people.