Arts for Youth Class Schedule 2017

This page will give you a brief description of the new classes we will be offering this summer.

Recycled Art!

Have you ever wondered what to do with an empty water bottle, a sock without a mate, or an old shoe box? What about a piece of string, or an ordinary bottle cap? Well, we've got the answer: create a fabulous piece of art work! Let's help save the environment, while using our imaginations and creating fun ART projects that will be remembered from Summer 2017.

​This class is offered Period 2 for ages 7-12.!

Designing with Theater Make-Up!

In this new class created by popular demand, campers will be introduced to HOW make-up artists create their magic! Campers will be given the opportunity to design and apply make-up designs exploring such themes as Fantasy, the Circus, Animals from the Sea, Air, & Earth, Superheroes, the Natural World, and Mythical Creatures. Creating Characters for the stage will also be introduced. Campers will work in pairs and individually, and their make-up designs will be documented for the entire camp to see and admire!

​This class is offered Period 6 for ages 7-12!

"Groovin' Around the World"

In this dynamic new class, campers will sing and play different instruments (bells, recorders, hand drums, boomwhackers & more!). while learning songs from a variety of countries. We will explore different cultures by playing music games loved by children all over the world!

This FUN music class is offered Period 5, for ages 7-9!

Mask Making & Sculpture!

This brand NEW visual arts course offers a number of fascinating and magical projects, designed by two of our experienced art teachers. Come along with us on an artistic adventure as we create our own masks. We will explore different cultures, engage in art movements, and trek through uncharted regions of our imaginations, as we create such art projects as: Masquerade Masks, Dragons, African Carnavale masks, and Centaurs!

​This class is offered Period 6, for ages 10-12!

Mask & Puppet Palooza!

In this fun class, campers will make a magical mask, build 2 playful puppets, and create an original, silly script that features them all. A great class for artists who likes to add a little drama (and comedy!) to their art!

​This class is offered Period 5 for ages 9-12!

Scrapbooking & Book Arts!

In this creative arts class, campers will design and make a variety of projects ranging from accordion-style scrap books, to framed Memory Pages, to hand-crafted paper, to the creation of an original “artistic book.” Working with photographs, printmaking materials, paint, markers, stencils, ribbon, sequins, and many other craft supplies, each camper will bring home artistic projects that can be hung, drawn in, or mounted for display!

​This class is offered Period 1 for ages 10-12!