Mixed Media

Some of our classes at AfY defy categorization, and so we end up including these classes under the heading MIXED MEDIA! These classes usually fill quickly, but we also offer shorter projects from each class in a “workshop” form, so that each camper can get a hint of what Radio Drama, Puppetry, and Mask Making is all about!

Radio Drama

AfY is the proud owner of a multi-track, digital recording system, and therefore we can offer the kids at camp the excitement of hearing their own voice on tape, as we record both original and old-time, classic radio drama scripts! Campers learn to use their voice effectively for radio, and they experiment with inventing a variety of sound effects to make their radio “shows” more dramatic, or scary, or funny! The campers also write and record original songs and commercials as part of the class, and they each get a featured role on at least one original WAFY Radio Talk Show! These radio actors create new and interesting (and often, wacky) characters and scenarios on a weekly basis, and of course these AfY radio scripts get aired as part of our entertaining 12:30 daily Revue!

Radio & Video Acting

This class is offered to campers ages 7-9, who are interested in both radio and film acting. Campers will have fun improvising their own material, and then the class will work together to produce weekly original radio programs, as well as create several short films. As always, the focus is on nurturing the creativity and imagination of the campers, as they develop ideas for dynamic, dramatic, or comedic characters that are heard in a radio script, or seen in a short video! Campers will also have the opportunity to create wacky sound effects for the radio portion of class, and they will all help create the outline for each original video. So if you love to act, make up stories, and create wacky, original characters, then this is the class for you!

Mask Making & Sculpture!

This brand NEW visual arts course offers a number of fascinating and magical projects, designed by two of our experienced art teachers. Come along with us on an artistic adventure as we create our own masks and build a variety of mythical creatures. We will explore different cultures, engage in art movements, and trek through uncharted regions of our imaginations, as we create such art projects as: Masquerade Masks, Dragons, Merpeople, African Carnavale masks, and Centaurs! This class is offered Period 6, for ages 10-12!


This fun and exciting class, students will learn the basics of puppetry.In this class, students will learn the basics of hand puppetry, rod puppetry, and marionette! Each student will be able to design and build their very own puppet and perform their work in the 12:30 Revue.

Scrapbooking & Book Art

What better way to celebrate an AFY summer than by preserving those memories forever—in your very own scrapbook? Get ready to draw, stencil, and stamp pages, and then personalize them with your own pictures taken around camp! Campers will also bring in pictures from home and will enhance their colorful card stock pages using materials such as ribbon, buttons, sequins, glitter, stamps, and more. Fun captions will be added throughout each scrapbook that the campers will create …it’s an experience every imaginative camper will enjoy! This brand new art class will be offered Period 1 for ages 10-12!

Making Magic

In this fun new class for our 7-9 year olds, our beginner magicians will learn the art of performing magic tricks! In addition to learning how to present the
magic trick, our magicians will also learn how to artistically create several of the tricks themselves. Finally, they will work on creating their own magician character, so that they can present their magic act to family and friends. Enrollment is limited to 12 for this class!