Workshops at Arts for Youth are a very important part of each camper’s day.  During each workshop period, classes are offered that represent all of the major art forms: Music; Visual Arts; Dance; Creative Computing, and Drama! Teachers design these particular classes so that they can be executed in roughly a 45 minute time frame, and the benefit of the workshop period is that campers get to explore art forms that they might not be taking as part of their “regular” camp day. We always offer at least 4 different visual arts workshops, and for our full time campers, we encourage them to try a new workshop in the afternoons. In addition, we always offer a sports workshop for each workshop period. Special workshops that the kids have come to expect at Arts for Youth include Face Painting (different themes), Green Screen Magic (a special video process), and Tye Dying, which is always offered during the last week of camp (Tye Dye Tuesday)!

Workshop offerings in the past have included:   Line Dancing; Acting Out Commercials; Original Choreography; Clay Animals; Charcoal Drawings; Stop Motion Animation shorts; Hip Hop; Musical Theater Songs & Movement; Play with Boom Whackers; African Percussion; Learn an Accent! Sunset paintings; Wild Horses Drawing; Intro to Ukulele; Fairy Tale Improvisation; Crazy Hair pencil Drawing; Intro to Guitar; Design Your own Super Hero; Photo shop on Computers; Fun with Shel Silverstein, and many, many more!